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Disney Magical World


It’s like Disney crossed with Animal Crossing! I WANT!!!!

…Guys, I got it. And it is fantastic!

Except for the fact that I realized after I set my name as Ringo that I should’ve called myself Asteria after my own character… Since my avi has red hair and blue-green eyes like Asteria… Plus as a princess, she would fit right into Disney. But, I’ll live with my normal nickname of Ringo. (Seriously, I want one more letter so I can do the full nickname.)

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Anna Binkovitz - “Asking For It” (CUPSI 2014)

"Stop asking people’s clothing to have sex with you, and start asking people."

Performing for Macalester College at the 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational.

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Back to the Future Fun!

Okay, so we’re watching Back to the Future 3. And I noticed something…

Clara’s outfits… they’ve all got purple in them!

A nice lavender traveling outfit.

A nice cream and lavender striped dress (Hard to tell in this picture, but check it out on the DVD)

Again, hard to tell, but this is a calico with a white base and purple flowers. Plus the purple corsage and flowers in her hair.

And of course the mauve dress from the climax. (Actually, this beautiful color of dye was invented around the time setting of this film. First artificial dye for fabrics. …I’ll shut up with my science nerdiness.)

And another lavender traveling dress!

(Okay, her nightgown doesn’t fit into this… Since the nightdress is white and the dressing robe is a greeny aqua.)

Isn’t that neat? I love when there’s color coding in costuming for films.

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